WSTA Radio was established on August 1, 1950 and has since then, consistently led the Virgin Islands radio market in ratings.  The live programming format, features personalities such as Athniel “Addie” Ottley, Lee Carle, Irvin “Brownie” Brown, Alex “Good News Guy” Randall and Peter Ottley.

Athniel “Addie” Ottley, is the station President & Chief Executive Officer.  He hosts the “Addie Ottley Morning Show” daily from 7 to 10AM on Monday through Friday.  Addie has been a life-long radio broadcast personality. He has the honorable distinction of having served the Virgin Islands community as Lieutenant Governor and as Senator for the St. Thomas-St. John District. Addie, a devout Catholic, successfully led the restoration effort for the Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral, a historic landmark originally commissioned by King Christian VII of Denmark in 1773.  Addie received the special distinction of having been knighted by Pope Francis to the Order of St. Gregory. A lifelong ambassador of the Virgin Islands, Addie has served on numerous boards, commissions, and is a living embodiment of the maxim “Service above Self”.  His love of broadcasting comes naturally to his warm and approachable demeanor and the format of his program is a combination of music from the 50’s to the 80’s, interviews with government officials, and discussions of issues facing our community.  The community is invited to call in and voice their opinion or concerns on particular topics.  Addie is an influential individual that is well loved by the community and consequently, he has been able to establish the “Addie Ottley Morning Show” as the #1 radio program in the Virgin Islands.  When Addie talks, everyone listens!

Lee Carle, the News Director delivers his iconic “Lee Carle’s News Day” each weekday morning and afternoon to the community.  Lee, a local and internationally recognized broadcaster and a proud Navy veteran, is fondly credited with providing Addie with his first broadcast opportunity with “Addie at Night”. He is most recognized for his commanding voice and news break-ins, as well as his ability to turn the most uneasy interview into a comfortable experience. Lee is a highly respected individual, who often tends to be the first on the scene to provide his audience with breaking newscasts.  The Virgin Islands radio audience tunes in each day to WSTA Radio to listen to “Lee Carle’s News Day”.

Irvin “Brownie” Brown hosts the “The Original Side of Walter and Brownie” each weekday morning and early afternoon.  Get ready to hold your sides when the laughter takes over. Brownie hosts a diverse mix of uplifting music and informative dialog that often includes his alter-ego “Walter”.  A life-long professional musician, Brownie has played music with bands the world over.  His love of the Virgin Islands community is felt in his nostalgic walks “down memory lane” with notable guests and school children alike during his show. His banner of Virgin Islands love and pride is carried by each of his children and skillfully epitomized by his son Delyno “Pressure Buss Pipe” Brown’s famous song “Virgin Islands Nice”, which Brownie proudly plays every day. Brownie has continually been a very active and well-loved individual in our community and has served as Master of Ceremonies for “homegrown” events including most of the Virgin Islands Carnival events over its long history.  Brownie entertains with a combination of uplifting Gospel, Reggae, Calypso, Latin and Comedy and he plays the classics from the early 70’s to present. Walter, on “The Original Side of Walter and Brownie” is an imaginary character created by Brownie who represents an antagonist with a distinctly British/Tortola accent.  Brownie is a beloved individual in our community that guarantees an audience and is always a proven crowd-pleaser.

Alex “Good News Guy” Randall V, Ph.D. finds everything positive to report in the Virgin Islands and helps to put each day in perspective.  After tiring of being a “snowbird”, Alex moved to the Virgin Islands shortly after Hurricane Marilyn and has made the VI his home ever since. He delivers the “WSTA Headline News”, the “Community Calendar” and every newsworthy item in his very own “Good News” format.  Alex, seemingly unassuming, is a true force to be reckoned with.  He is renowned as an author, entrepreneur, university professor, hotelier and wordsmith.  Alex gives emphasis to the good news rather than to the negative aspects of the news. He shines a spotlight on individuals who serve the community, he illustrates the accomplishments of our student and youth population and focuses on other positive achievements that the community may overlook. Join us each weekday for Alex’s “Good News”!

Peter Ottley, usually raps up the afternoon with a variety of music to include Reggae, Classics from the 70’s and the 80’s, Soca, Quelbae, Zouk and Calypso. Peter is the producer of “FocusVI”, a community focused feature airing each Saturday from 9:00 to 10:00AM. Peter also conducts live interviews with the many up and coming local artists. 


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